5 Ways to Keep Senior Feet Healthy

Although many things are better with age, our health is not always one of them. As we get older, there are foot health problems that we become more susceptible to. Some may be unavoidable due to genetics or past injuries and conditions but at Lansdowne Podiatry, we believe there is much that you can do to take care of your feet so that they, in turn, will enable you to stay active for years to come. Here are 5 tips for keeping your feet healthy:

  1. Inspect Your Feet Daily Get into a routine of checking your feet every day. Things to look for: changes in color and bruising, blisters, cracks in the skin, bumps, blisters, redness or skin that is hot to the touch. This simple step can help you detect foot problems early and avoid more serious complications. Changes in your feet may also be early warning signs of diseases that affect other parts of your body such as diabetes, arthritis and certain circulatory and nerve conditions. If you do notice any unusual changes, be sure to schedule an appointment with your podiatrist to discuss them.
  2. Wear Good Shoes A good pair of shoes can go a long way to ensure healthy feet. Well-made and well-fitted shoes provide proper support to your feet and can help with balance. Shoes should not cramp your toes or rub anywhere on your foot. If you have a bunion, corn, hammertoe, or other foot deformity, your shoe choice can be critical in preventing pressure from being applied to the affected area of your foot, which will greatly decreasing pain, discomfort, and the possibility of ulcers or sores.
  3. Maximize Circulation Keeping good blood flow to your feet is very important. Don’t cross your feet if you are sitting for a long time. Put your feet up when possible. Avoid tight socks which can restrict blood flow and don’t smoke—it decreases blood flow and increases the risk of swelling.
  4. Toenails Keep toenails trimmed neatly and straight across to prevent ingrown toenails from developing. Also, check for signs of toenail infection (thickening or discolored nails that become brittle and split).
  5. Cleanliness This one may seem obvious but washing feet daily with a mild soap and drying completely can help avoid infections and speed healing if you do have an injury. Always wear clean socks and change them if they get damp.

If you are experiencing pain or suspect that you are developing a problem with your feet or ankles, make an appointment to see Dr. Monique Renee Rolle, who has a great deal of experience treating senior patients in our Leesburg office. We have Saturday and evening hours by appointment for your convenience and look forward to addressing all your foot concerns.