Running Tips to Avoid Injury

One of the most popular forms of exercise today is running, and for good reason. It can be done pretty much anywhere, it doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment, and it’s an activity that can be done indoors or out, alone or with others. However, at Lansdowne Podiatry, we see many injuries and chronic conditions that happen to runners. Some running injuries are more minor, such as blisters and athlete’s foot but others, like Achilles tendon ruptures, plantar fasciitis, and ankle sprains can result in extreme pain and long-term disability. Our podiatrist, Dr. Monique Renee Rolle, has a great deal of experience treating Loudoun county runners and has found that many of these conditions could have been avoided. Here are some tips for runners to help avoid injury:

  • Choose properly fitted shoes designed for running. Running is a high impact activity for your feet. Shoes need to be cushioned to absorb shock and flexible at the ball of the foot. The heel of a good running shoe should be low and a little undercut to help your heel stay firmly in place. A good running shoe store will fit you with a shoe that is right for the way your foot is shaped and how you run.
  • Stretch before and after you run.
  • Build up the time, distance, and speed of your run gradually. Many injuries occur from doing too much too soon, which can cause damage to muscles, ligaments, and bones.
  • Schedule an appointment with your foot doctor before beginning a running program. Your podiatrist can check your foot for any existing mechanical or other problems and also make recommendations for running shoes based on your individual foot and your gait. If you have existing foot conditions, your foot doctor can advise you on how to protect your feet from further damage.

To learn more about running and your feet, schedule a visit to our Leesburg office.