Athlete’s Foot: A Fungus for All Seasons

Although many people associate athlete’s foot with bare feet and summertime, at Lansdowne Podiatry, we see just as many cases of it during the winter months. The fungus that causes athlete’s foot (like all fungi), thrives in warm, damp places. It spreads by direct contact and in winter that means gym locker rooms and showers, […]

Prevention and Treatment of Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are a fairly common injury and one we treat often at Lansdowne Podiatry. They can also be extremely debilitating if not treated promptly and properly, leading to long term problems, such as chronic ankle instability, repeated sprains, and fractures in the foot. How to Prevent While not 100% avoidable, you can take steps […]

What’s Causing Your Heel Pain?

Are you experiencing sharp pains like knives stabbing at your heel and the arch of your foot? Did it start out as an occasional occurrence but has been increasing in frequency and intensity as time goes by? Is the pain at its worst when you first put you feet on the floor in the morning […]

Dealing with Warts on Your Feet

One common reason patients come to Lansdowne Podiatry is for the treatment and removal of warts. Although not generally harmful, warts are caused by a virus, which makes them contagious. Foot warts appear as an unattractive, fleshy, raised bump on the skin. While a wart may not be causing you any discomfort, and may even […]