What to Do About Smelly Feet

Yes, it’s embarrassing but foot odor is not a problem you have to live with. Some people are just predisposed to perspiring heavily, but sometimes, smelly feet are a sign that a fungal infection is present. If you have persistent foot odor, schedule an appointment at Lansdowne Podiatry. Our foot doctor, Monique Renee Rolle, DPM, […]

Relief for Haglund’s Deformity

Haglund’s Deformity or, as it is more commonly known, “pump bump” is a bony extrusion on the back of the heel that can cause pain when footwear rubs against it. Pumps, and other rigid-backed shoes, such as work boots, dress shoes, and ice skates irritate the “bump,” causing swelling and inflammation of the area. In […]

Fixing Fractures in the Foot

Did you know that almost 25% of the body’s bones are found in the foot? It’s no wonder then that fractures are among the more common injuries that we treat at Lansdowne Podiatry. Fractures fall into a few different categories: Stress: these are small fissures or cracks in the bones surface that are usually caused […]

5 Ways to Protect Your Feet This Winter

There is a lot to enjoy during this season: holiday preparations and celebrations, brisk walks on cool days, catching up with family and friends—but wintertime can also put a strain on your feet. At Lansdowne Podiatry, we want you to enjoy the best of everything and keep your feet healthy and feeling great, so we’re […]