Your Child’s Heel Pain Could Be Sever’s Disease

Heel pain, swelling and tenderness can be a sign of Sever’s Disease, an inflammation of the growth plate of the heel. Known officially as calcaneal apophysitis, Sever’s Disease isn’t really a disease at all. It is an injury that frequently affects children 8-14 years old and one we see fairly often at Lansdowne Podiatry. Up […]

Turf Toe Causes and Treatment

Turf toe refers to a sprained joint in the big toe. This condition is seen more frequently in athletes who play on artificial turf (although it can happen on natural surfaces and floors as well) because that surface is less giving than natural grass and the foot may stick and not move as fluidly on […]

Orthotics Bring Relief for Many Conditions

Orthotics, by definition, are inserts worn in your footwear to help treat a podiatric problem. Under that broad umbrella are several kinds of orthotics used for multiple purposes such as reducing pain and discomfort or correcting balance and pressure issues and alleviating other symptoms brought on by injury, deformity, misalignment or degenerative disease. Types of […]