Avoid Spring Sports Pitfalls

The weather is getting mighty fine here in Loudoun County and we at Lansdowne Podiatry know that our patients are going to be heading outside for spring sports and leisure activities. While enjoying the outdoors and getting fit is great for your health, it’s important to take a few precautions to protect your feet and ankles. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid:

Aggravating your Achilles Tendon—this large and powerful tendon in the back of the lower part of your leg attaches to your heel and is quite susceptible to injury. Tears to the Achilles tendon and inflammation (known as Achilles tendonitis) are most likely to occur if you try to do too much too soon in your training sessions or if you suddenly increase the duration or intensity of your workout. Slow and steady is best.

Skipping the Shoe Check—sports shoes need replacing at regular intervals. Chances are the shoes that you wore last year have exceeded their lifespan. Be sure to inspect your sneakers for signs of wear inside and out. Investing in professionally fitted sports shoes can greatly reduce your risk of foot and ankle injuries.

Not Completely Rehabilitating Old Injuries—if a slip on the ice this winter resulted in an ankle sprain or you have other injuries that you have been treated by the podiatrist for, make sure that you have completed all the physical therapy and treatment and have your foot doctor’s okay before resuming physical activity. Continue any exercises that your podiatrist has given you. Many patients re-injure themselves because they fail to follow through with therapies that strengthen the muscles that surround an injured area and thereby help prevent a future injury.

Ignoring What Your Feet are Telling You—your toes, feet and ankles will let you know if you are doing too much or if you are executing an exercise or activity improperly. If you experience pain during or after your sports activity or have other symptoms of discomfort such as swelling or stiffness, make an appointment at our Leesburg office by calling (571) 223-0424. Our podiatrist, Dr. Monique Renee Rolle will find the cause of the pain and help you get the treatment you need to get back on track as soon as possible.

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