5 Tips for Good Foot Health

At Lansdowne Podiatry we are always encouraging patients to remember that your feet support your whole body. Taking good care of them now will ensure many years living the active life you love. In honor of National Foot Health Awareness Month, here are a few suggestions for improving your podiatric health: Know your feet. Be […]

5 Ways to Protect Your Feet This Winter

There is a lot to enjoy during this season: holiday preparations and celebrations, brisk walks on cool days, catching up with family and friends—but wintertime can also put a strain on your feet. At Lansdowne Podiatry, we want you to enjoy the best of everything and keep your feet healthy and feeling great, so we’re […]

5 Ways to Keep Senior Feet Healthy

Although many things are better with age, our health is not always one of them. As we get older, there are foot health problems that we become more susceptible to. Some may be unavoidable due to genetics or past injuries and conditions but at Lansdowne Podiatry, we believe there is much that you can do […]