Surprising Source of Foot and Lower Leg Pain

In some cases, a patient will come to Lansdowne Podiatry with pain, tingling or numbness in their lower legs, feet, ankles or toes and find out that it is actually coming from the back. There are several back conditions where pain travels down the nerve pathway from the spine into the lower legs and feet. Some of these include:

  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Herniated Discs
  • Sciatica (which is often a symptom of other back problems)

Making a Correct Diagnosis

Discovering the source of the pain is of course critical in determining the appropriate treatment. When you come into our Leesburg office for an appointment with unexplained foot pain, our board qualified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Monique Renee Rolle will start by taking a complete medical history and conducting a thorough examination of your feet and ankles. Diagnostic tests such as an MRI or CT scan may also be ordered to give a more complete picture of your condition. You play an important part in helping the foot doctor make an accurate diagnosis. Be prepared to give the podiatrist specific information about your symptoms. The foot doctor will want to know:

  • How often the pain occurs and what you are doing when you feel the pain
  • What path the pain travels through in your foot (and if you notice it also in your back)
  • How you would describe the discomfort: sharp pain, ache, burning, tingling, numbness
  • Body position when you experience the symptoms: standing, walking, lying down, exercising, etc.
  • What relieves the pain or what seems to make it worse

This information, combined with test and exam results will enable the podiatrist to diagnose your foot and ankle pain. If she believes that the pain is related to a back problem and not a podiatric issue, she will refer you to the appropriate physician for diagnosis and treatment. What’s most important is to not delay. Most medical conditions are more easily treated in their early stages so if you are in pain, contact us at our conveniently located Loudoun County office by calling: (571) 223-0424.

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