Treating Cracked Heels : Moisture

When the skin on the feet becomes so dry that it splits, there is significant dryness which acquires significant attention.

Dr Monique Muronda says, “At times you may apply lotions or creams on the affected area that reduces the amount of callus on the heels, however it is through continuous efforts on a regular basis to maintain your skin’s hydration.”


Treating Cracked Heels Moisture - lansdownepodiatry
Treating Cracked Heels Moisture – LansdownePodiatry


Importance of moisturizing your feet

Callused heels develop for several reasons such as obesity, diabetes, eczema, hypothyroidism, Sjögren’s syndrome, juvenile plantar dermatosis, and infections such as athlete’s foot or standing for long periods of time. 


Fractured Heels: Greasy Is good 

Below is precisely how you can keep your heels crack-free:

Decrease the use of harsh soaps. It is critical to keep split heels clean but not overly dry. Utilize a mild soapy solution that will not remove additional moisture away from your feet.

Purchase an excellent foot lotion. Search for great, extra hydrating lotions or oils to massage into your dry feet. You need to perform this as quickly as possible after leaving the bathtub for the best absorption.

Make an effort to use petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is a great way to rejuvenate moisture to split heels. Attempt covering your feet with it before retiring to bed and apply clean dry cotton socks afterwards.

Consume lots of water. When you do not consume a lot of water, your skin can become dry. Consume a great deal of water to aid in rehydrating your skin as you cure those cracked heels.


Cracked Heels: Various Treatments

There are various other ways you can keep moisture in and reduce the chance of having cracked heels:

Hydrate after each bath/shower. Whenever you get out of the bath or shower, apply the cream to your feet. This assists in maintaining moisture. 

Maintain water warm. Rather than a super hot shower always keep the water a little bit colder. Very hot water is going to dry your skin.

Do not scrub your feet.  Carefully pat your skin to completely dry instead.

If you discover any indications of disease (pain, soreness, redness, or even swelling) around a dry, broken place, you need to reach your podiatrist. As well as folks with diabetes mellitus or those medical issues posing any feet health condition, see a podiatrist.

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