What to Do About Smelly Feet

Yes, it’s embarrassing but foot odor is not a problem you have to live with. Some people are just predisposed to perspiring heavily, but sometimes, smelly feet are a sign that a fungal infection is present. If you have persistent foot odor, schedule an appointment at Lansdowne Podiatry. Our foot doctor, Monique Renee Rolle, DPM, will take a complete medical history and look for signs of infection. Some fungi and bacteria can be present in your footwear and attach to your skin.

Try a Foot Soak

A home remedy you can try for stinky feet is a black tea or a vinegar foot soak:

Black Tea Soak

Use two tea bags per pint of water and boil for 15 minutes to make a strong tea. Add two quarts of cold water. Soak feet for a half hour a day for seven days in a row. The black tea contains acids that destroy bacteria. It also shrinks your pores which can help reduce the amount of sweat.

Vinegar Soak

Mix one part vinegar to two parts cool water and soak feet for half an hour.

The podiatrist can also prescribe ointments to put on your feet at night to help with a foot odor problem.

Preventive Measures

Bacterial and fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot thrive in moist conditions and are spread by direct contact. Here are steps you can take to minimize your risk of contracting one:

  • Wash feet daily and dry completely (particularly between the toes)
  • Change your socks daily or even twice a day if you perspire heavily
  • Do not share socks, shoes, or pedicure tools such as nail clippers, emery boards and pumice stones
  • Wear shower shoes or flip flops in public areas such as pools, gym locker rooms and showers
  • Use a talcum based powder to help keep feet dry
  • Choose footwear made of breathable materials and with a design that allows good air circulation around your foot

If you are suffering from foot odor or have other questions about how to better care for your feet, contact our Leesburg office and we will be happy to assist you.

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