Mentoring A Generation of Women

Mentoring A Generation of Women

Young women need positive role models. Young girls and women need to know that someone has experienced the same life experiences that they are currently facing or will face.

They need to know that someone is there to be a confidant and maintain transparency with them in order to help them navigate through life’s challenges and victories! Through motivational speaking, sharing personal stories whether in a workshop, public forum, one-on-one setting, or just simply “being present” in the life of a young lady in need, it is my goal to empower the next generation of women to take their rightful place in this world.

I believe in empowering others to understand their goals, purposes and talents through sharing life experiences, providing guidance, encouraging financial freedom, and networking opportunities as a young women mentor.

It was my mother’s miraculously failed tubal ligation resulting in pregnancy that allowed her to bring me into this world. Because of that, it should confirm and be so very clear that you and I have a purpose in this world. No matter what’s happening in your life right now, rest assured you’re here for a purpose.

Throughout 2021. I will be hosting a series of workshops dedicated to helping young women define their purpose, implement a plan for their success, and networking events to help them connect with other role models as well. To find out more, click here.